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Adder - Ally Blue March, 2013:
I originally read this book back in 2009 when I was first scratching the surface of this wonderful genre. It was a 5 star read then, and a go-to comfort read. I would skim and find my favorite scenes and it always satisifed.
I recently re-read it and it was still a 5 star read for about the first 3/4. I just love these characters, and I love the way they fall in love and stay together simply because they want to be with each other, and not because they need to fall in with any societal norms of monogamy or coupledom. It's really cute and romantic. And a lot of their more childish behavior can be forgiven when taken in context with the fact that they're in their early 20's.

It was when I got to the end, the Big Misunderstanding and the Token Breakup that it faltered. It was based on such a silly argument, I don't know if I buy that they would have stayed split up for so long, even when taking into account their youth and hotheadedness. It's just kind of dumb and far fetched.

So based on the general consensus of my friends that I should change my rating if my opinion changes on a re-read, I am taking away a star. But I still think this book is awesome and it deserves a resurgence in popularity, so I'm urging all my friends who haven't read it to pick this one up. Do it now!