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Death's Mistress - Karen Chance *Original read: 1/17/10

4.5 stars

The thing I really love about Karen Chance's writing, aside of course from the dynamic characters, bite & humor and studly, studly leading men, is the adventure. You will never know from chapter to chapter where you might end up. I dare you to try to predict one of these books. Which is why when I give in to the inevitable urge to flip ahead and see what's going to happen, I am never spoiled because it never makes any sense to me.

This book was long awaited and did not disappoint. Tons of adventure and quirky secondary characters, plenty of snarky Dory and the loveable side of Mircea. And of course, Louis-Cesare. Ahhhh, Louis-Cesare...

If you love Karen Chance, you'll love this book. As if you had any doubt.