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Tattoos & Teacups - Anna  Martin Mostly I liked this book. I liked the idea behind it - the opposites attract relationship, and that the scope of the book was the growing of it. It wasn't one of those angst, angst, angst, hurried HFN at the end kind of books. It was the natural progression of a regular sort of relationship and we got to spend plenty of time with the characters, seeing them fall in love gradually. I love when I get to see the characters in my romance be happy together.

Unfortunately it was just a little too uneven to be 4 or 5 stars. The writing needed to be tighter; which doesn't mean I thought the book was too long, it was a good length, but there were a lot of places where I thought the author kind of lost track of herself and it took awhile to find her way back. It was also just missing that certain "je ne sais quoi" that some authors have. That special edge that makes you fall in love with the characters.

Decent read, and I would recommend it, but not one of those awesome books I'll come back to again and again.