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I like to read about boys who like other boys. I don't like angst. I don't like high fructose corn syrup.

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Men Under the Mistletoe - Angela James,  Josh Lanyon,  Harper Fox,  Ava March,  K.A. Mitchell My True Love Gave to Me by Ava March: Skipped this one. No offense to Ava; I've read and liked books by her in the past, but I've just come to the conclusion that historical romance isn't my bag.

Winter Knights by Harper Fox: 4 stars. Maybe 5. I really liked this one. The story is unique and keeps you guessing; it was captivating. And the writing itself was beautiful. I'm not used to that high quality of writing in this genre - kudos to Harper for that. Loved this story.

Lone Star by Josh Lanyon: 2.5 stars. Meh. Just okay, although it did sort of pique my interest to read a full length featuring a guy in the ballet.

The Christmas Proposition by K.A. Mitchell: 3.5 stars. This story sort of made me think about all my conflicting feelings about K.A. Mitchell. On the one hand, she's written a couple of my absolute favorite books in the genre, and I typically enjoy her work. She's an auto-buy for me. On the other hand, I have two issues with her writing that pretty much apply to almost everything I've read by her. 1. Her endings always leave something to be desired. I'm never quite sure if things worked out. I suppose you'd call that a "Happy For Now" ending but it always leaves me somewhat unsettled. 2. I never quite understand her lead characters' motivation. They always have issues, but I'm never totally clear on what they are or why they're getting in the way. In the same vein, her characters seem to have a lot of conversations that I have a hard time following, like I can't quite figure out the logic of how they got from A to B. It's frustrating. It's hard to fall in love with a couple when you're just never sure what the hell they're doing or talking about or if they really like each other or what. So that was sort of the problem here.

Overall for the anthology: 3 stars. Winter Knights by Harper Fox was definitely the winner here.