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I like to read about boys who like other boys. I don't like angst. I don't like high fructose corn syrup.

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Quinn's Hart - Cassandra Gold I read m/m romace for one reason - the romance! While I sometimes enjoy m/m books with more intricate plots, action, etc, the bottom line is that I read it for the romance. If I want a more substantial book, I'll read a "real" book.
So this book is kind of perfect for me. It's just a sweet, no non-sense romance with characters I could relate to, and a cute setting (Disney World!)
This would be 4 stars, but unfortunately it did get rather boring toward the end. Not to mention the sex scenese were very generic. You could have copied and pasted it from any m/m book. I pretty much skipped all the sex.

I have a couple other little niggles that arent' really about this book at all, but more comments on the genre as a whole. These issues did not affect my star rating at all.

1. Quinn is a rather shy, insecure guy. Hey, I can relate! I like reading these kinds of characters. I too am shy and insecure and have a hard time making friends or meeting guys and I really don't date a whole lot. But it seems like any time I run across these characters in m/m, there's always some kind of reason behind it. In Quinn's case, he grew up with an abusive, alcoholic father who was always putting him down, and then spent his teen years being shuffled around through foster care. What about the people who are just naturally shy? Why does there alway have to be some traumatic past to "explain" it? Some people are just shy. No trauma. Where are these characters? What is this isinuation that there has to be something "wrong" with you if you have insecurities?

2. What is this prejudice against people who go to the gym? I see this a lot. "He was lean and muscular. You could tell he got his muscles from work and play, not from a gym." What's wrong with getting fit at a gym? Some of us have desk jobs. Some of us don't really have time to go hiking or swimming or play sports all the time, even if we'd like to. It's okay to go to a gym. You're not less attractive if your fitness happened in a gym verses on a mountain or playground.

3. While writing this review, I have had a stupid ad for the movie "The Woman In Black" frozen over my review the entire time. WTF???