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Out - Natsuo Kirino, Stephen Snyder I had a hard time with this book. It is very dark - unrelentingly so. And while I normally don't have a problem with dark, I did not enjoy it here. I think the problem is that there are no relatable, sympathetic characters. I didn't like any of the characters in the book. I kept hoping one of them would do something good, or something good would happen to one of them, anything to break up the darkness of the book, but nothing. They are all cold, soulless people and I had hard time relating to that. None of them seemed to care about anyone; not their families, not each other. The blurb makes it sound like the four women band together after what happens, but that is not the case. They mostly end up hating each other. Any continuing connecting between them is based solely on greed.
This does not mean that I didn't feel sorry for them. They were all in pretty crappy circumstances. I guess that is the "feminist commentary". I did feel sorry for the crap they had to deal with, but I did not like any of them.

I found that the second half was a better read than the first, simply because stuff started happening and things started to weave together so that things she spent time explaining in the first half actually became relevant. It was interesting. But the ending was something I could not understand. I did not come away feeling at all enlightened or better off for having read this book. I guess this is a genre or a style or perhaps a culture that is just not for me.