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A Matter of Time (#2) - Mary Calmes 2.5 stars

I think instead of writing a balanced, thought out, well-formed paragraph style review I'll just make a list of the things that annoyed me.

*Sam and Jory's relationship - This back and forth "I love you, I can't live without you", and then the next day "We can't be together" (for no real reason) thing gets old REAL damn fast.

*Eeeveryone loves Jory - Why does Jory need to meet a new guy that falls head over heels in love with him at first sight in every other chapter? What is the point of that? And hey, Jory - if you don't want stalkers, maybe you should just come out and tell them you're not interested instead of stringing everyone along. You create your own drama, dude.

*Indistinguishable characters - Everyone in these books is the same. Everyone talks and sounds the same. Every gay character loves Jory. Every female character wants to snag Dane and be Jory's best friend. No one is homophobic or uncomfortable with homosexuality at all, except the Big Mean Bad Guy, of course. These books are a stream of new characters that are exactly the same as all the other characters - FOR NO REASON. The do not further the plot or have any impact on Jory. They are space fillers.

*Missing punctuation - hey Mary, periods and commas are good sometimes.

I'm still reading these. They are strangely compelling. But let me be clear - they are not good. The writing screams "first time writer" and instead of releasing four books, they should have done some serious editing and released one book.