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Seven Year Ache - Selah March 3.5 stars

It was 4 stars up til the end, but I didn't like the end. Semi-spoiler alert ahead, in that it is sort of a spoiler, but it's the kind of thing people usually like to know ahead of time so I'm including a warning.

**Girl Cootie Alert: This is not a typical m/m, nor is it a m/m/f menage. It's an m/m romance with an m/m/f scene near the end.**

That's not the only reason I didn't like the end, though. It was more that I just didn't feel the flow. The whole second half of the book felt a little awkward and I wasn't as satisfied with the h/h's HEA as I wanted to be.
But the writing is good; characters and dialogue were realistic and it felt natural. And although I've inadvertently made it a life mission to let everyone know that Montana is more than a bunch of ranches, I must say this book made me a touch homesick.