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Rules of Engagement - L.A. Witt I struggled to rate this because on one hand, I really enjoyed this book, but on the other hand I hated the ending. I hated the end so much I almost gave the book 3 stars, but I don't want to punish 280 pages of "had me completely hooked" just because of 5 pages of "What? Really?!" So there you go. But this probably would have been 4.5, maybe even 5 stars if not for the ending. So I guess it did get punished a little...

This book was pretty hit-or-miss with my Goodreads friends. I noticed a lot of people didn't like it because it struck them as porn without plot. And that is a fair assessment; I won't argue with anyone who disliked the book because of that. There was definitely a lot of sex. However, I didn't really feel like it was PWP. There isn't a strong storyline here - the plot deals primarily with Dustin coming to terms with his sexuality and his feelings for Brandon. There's not much else. But it is there and it felt real. And the connection between the two characters was undeniable. It didn't feel overly porny to me because I could feel the connection between Dustin and Brandon, and they were so cute together. They were playful and affectionate in addition to being totally horny.
So yes, there was a lot of sex and the scenes did get a bit redundant, but there is also romance and fun in this book. I really loved it.

Until the end. The end was entirely too easy and abrupt and did a disservice to the character of Brandon and the seriousness of their relationship. I was very disappointed. An additional 5 pages to flesh out that last conversation and make it more believable and true to the characters would have been in order. But not every book can be perfect...