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A Rush of Wings - Adrian Phoenix Holy crap, this book was fantastic!
It was getting rave reviews from some trustworthy people on the different paranormal groups I belong to, so I knew I'd like it, but I was prepared to be at least a little bit let down, because let's face it, nothing ever lives up to the hype, right?
Well, this one did.

This is a very dark urban fantasy novel about an FBI agent, Heather, who has been following a serial killer for 3 years. The hunt leads her to New Orleans, where she becomes entangled with a vampire, Dante, who she believes the killer is trying to communicate with, and who may be the next target.

If you're turned off by "vampire" stories - please read this anyway! It's very different from all the other vampire books in the genre. It's a heartbreaking, hauntingly beautiful story about the ability to transcend the horrors of life, and the capacity for love and compassion.
It's dark, violent and unflinching but it still maintains that underlying glimmer of hope that keeps it from being depressing and instead makes it beautiful. I absolutely could not put this book down and now I'm anxiously waiting to read the sequel.

Please read this book!!! I mean it!

**Dec 2009 re-read**
This book didn't quite hold up but was still really good the second time.