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I like to read about boys who like other boys. I don't like angst. I don't like high fructose corn syrup.

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Sex, Lies & Wedding Bells - E.M. Lynley I had a hard time rating this. Going by overall quality of the story and writing, this is between 2 and 3 stars. However, my overall enjoyment of it was between 4 and 5 stars. So I'm compromising with a 3.

I had a lot of problems with this book, including but not limited to: POV issues (huge pet peeve of mine), Ricki Lake worthy melodrama, tons of typos and editing errors, and the second half suffered from major CWD Syndrome (chicks w/ dicks.)

And yet....
It somehow worked for me. My heart went pitter patter. I was really rooting for Keiran and Jaxon, and found their disgustingly sweet HEA to be very satisfying. This book lands firmly in Guilty Pleasure ground.