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Wes and Toren - J.M. Colail I really really really really enjoyed this book, a lot. But I have a few complaints, and that's why I can only give it 4 stars.

1. Overuse of the word "frig" and its many variations.
2. Complete lack of plot. It was just cute scene after hot scene after funny scene, and the last scene didn't feel particularly more final than any other scene that preceded it. It just went on and on forever and then it ended for no reason.
3. Most m/m books are just too short to really do the characters justice, but this one was too long. It could have benefitted from some serious editing. Not that I didn't enjoy spending the time with these characters, they were so FREAKIN adorable, but because there was no real plot it just seemed to drag and meander and have no real purpose.

But aside from those things, I loved this story. Wes and Toren were so cute together, and I loved the way she wrote Toren. He had a real arc - he started off almost painfully shy and gradually grew into his own. He became more and more confident in both himself and his relationship with Wes, and turned into a flirty and sexually adventurous person and it was really neat to watch him grow like that. She did an excellent job with Toren's arc. And all the issues that they dealt with were very realistic. It was fun to watch them navigate becoming adults and being a couple. There were also several laugh out loud scenes. Overall a great book.

I noticed that some reviewers didn't like that this was first person. I actually liked it. I mean, life is first person. We don't ever get to know what anyone else is thinking, only what they tell us, and I like reading a book from that perspective sometimes. Not to say that I would like every book to be first person, but just that it worked for Toren's story. He started as very insecure and gradually became more and more confident, and I think that would have been undermined had we also gotten Wes's POV. We as readers have to learn to trust Wes the same way Toren does. I think first person was a good choice for this book and it was written well.