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Mine to Possess - Nalini Singh So I would probably actually give this 4.5 stars, but I'm feeling generous so I'll round up. I felt like the first 90 pages or so were really slow, and then the last 60 with the exception of the final 10 really dragged on. But everything in between had me anxiously turning pages, so I guess can forgive it.

The only thing I wish she would have done differently is the beginning. I don't think Clay was mentioned at all in book 3, and I didn't remember much about him from books 1 and 2. And Talin was brand new. But Singh just sort of dumped us in the middle of their story without really introducing them first. I would have liked a little refresher about who Clay was, and a teeny bit more insight into Talin, and even their mutual history. I just didn't have enough information to work with during those first several chapters.

But once the story got going, it was rocking. The romance was good, but it was secondary to me. The overall plot was really engaging and I think Singh is one of the best at keeping you in touch with previous characters. I was glad to see Judd and Brenna again, if only briefly.

I have a theory about who the Ghost is... I'm really anxious to see if I'm right!