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The Broken H - J.L. Langley I must admit, I was a little disappointed in this book. I loved The Tin Star so much!
This story was still good - it had a lot of J.L.'s personality and was a fun read, but it was just kind of lacking.
I chalk it up to two things:
1. I didn't like the characters as well. Gray was alright, but he didn't jump off the page the way Jamie and Ethan did. And I never was able to connect with Shane. He just didn't do anything for me. Maybe I'm just a little prejudiced, but I prefer reading about the under 30 set. And super long hair has never been a turn on for me.
2. Many people may not think this possible, but there was just too much sex and not enough story. The Tin Star had a perfect balance, but with this one I actually started getting bored and skimming through the sex scenes. And the fact that I never connected with the characters sucked out a lot of the zip.

We did get to see Jamie and Ethan briefly, but I wish they would have had a stronger presence. And there was the teeniest litte glimpse of John, Jamie's brother, who is a really great character. I like him a lot. There was a tiny hint that we may see John again in the future, which made me happy, and I wish that would have been explored just a bit further in this book.