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Close to Me [Blue Ruin 2] - Katrina Strauss Someone's been watching a little too much Queer as Folk.

...well, okay, maybe that's not technically possible. :)
But Derek and Blue definitely have a Brian/Justin vibe going. And then there's the whole gay neighborhood "rainbow district" thing, and the distrust of the police force thing, and even the resident drag queen at the favorite gay bar...

This particular story sort of channels the whole season 2 thing where Justin left Brian for someone closer to his own age, and then realized later the good thing he'd given up.
The difference being that Derek is actually monogamous, and Blue never actually leaves him. But the story has a similar feel, at least in my opinion, primarily in the way it deals with Blue's temptation.

And there's a new character, a female friend of Blue's, who obsesses over anime and all things Japanese, and tacks on Japanese honorifics to the end of everyone's name. This made me smile because I had a friend like that in high school.

I really liked this story. These Blue Ruin e-books are fun m/m romantica. However, the BDSM aspects seem a little out of place to me. I love reading BDSM erotica, but there's just something about Derek and Blue's relationship or maybe just the overall tone of the stories that makes it weird to me. It just doesn't fit.
I would almost prefer they just have regular sex - the BDSM parts lose their sizzle somehow in the context. I really can't put my finger on it or explain why, it just doesn't seem to fit with the story and doesn't really need to be there.