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Darkfever - Karen Marie Moning As far as the book goes, it was alright. If you like the Merry Gentry series but got really tired of all the court intrigue, mirror conversations and earthshaking (literally) sex, this series might be for you. In fact, I have no real complaints about the story itself. It didn't grab me or suck me in really, but it was entertaining enough and I want to know what happens. (Will Barrons and Mac ever hook up??)
Mac's a likeable character, and Barrons is definitely sexy and mysterious. (Aside - there was a part at the end where Barrons said "assuming makes an ass out of you and me" - He would so never say that. That's such a trite phrase! Someone as cool and sophisticated and snarky as him would never say something like that... the people I know only say that ironically.)

I think my biggest problem was the audiobook. Audiobooks are tricky; the narrator can absolutely make or break a book, and you never know ahead of time. In my experience, more fail than succeed.
I did not like the narrator of this book. First off, she was way too old to portray Mac, who's only 22. Second, she read Mac waay to southern. Now yes, Mac is from Georgia, but it just really didn't work for me. She made Mac sound even more naive and dumb than I think she's really supposed to be. I kept expecting her to don a corset and a hoop skirt, wave a fan in front of her face and cry "Why I do declare!" And then maybe faint or something. And every time she said "windah" instead of "window" I got completely jerked out of the story.
(In contrast, the narrator of the Sookie Stackhouse books also does it very southern, but it works there. It really didn't work for this.)
Third, if you believe this lady, everyone in Ireland has a Scottish accent and is channeling Gimli from Lord of the Rings. (Including Barrons, who supposedly has an "unplaceable" accent and is definitely not Irish.) In fact, her voice for Barrons was the worst. Barrons is supposed to come of as dark and sexy, but he sounded like a wart-covered leprechaun. I think he has a bridge he's supposed to be guarding.

Basically, I think I would have enjoyed this book more if I had been reading it instead of hearing it. (I also would have been able to focus on it better, since I'm listening at work. My job is pretty mindless, but it does require my mental attention occasionally...)
But I already have audiobook for Bloodfever just sitting here in front of me, so I guess I'll go one that way. I'll try to get a real copy of Faefever.

Oh, and two things: 1. If your library/bookstore is shelving this as romance, they're on crack or are just doing that because Moning previously wrote a romance series. This is not a romance novel, though there's some sexual tension between Mac and Barrons and some scenes where Mac compulsively starts stripping in public...
2. What is up with the cover? Why on earth did the publishing company think two naked people was the right cover for this book? I don't get it at all...