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The Devil Inside - Jenna Black When people refer to urban fantasy or paranormal romance books as "light, quick reads" I always sort of roll my eyes and think, "Well, naturally." I don't think anyone's expecting a UF book to be dense or change their lives. They're all light, quick reads.
But this book... this really earns that description. One of the quickest books I've ever read, with a pretty simple plot. Not a lot of subplots (actually, I'm not sure there were any...), not too many secondary characters, not a lot of twists and turns, complex mythology or character development.

And yet.. I really enjoyed this book. The quick simple story was fun and interesting. It was different from a lot of what I've read of the genre (i.e. no vampires, werewolves, fairies, etc.) and I appreciated that. And while there weren't a lot of twists and turns, there was one twist at the end that actually took me by surprise and that's always fun.

Another good thing about the book was the writer's willingness to go places that a lot of writers of the genre don't go. (At least not that I've seen so far.) For one, two of the main characters in the book were gay, and they weren't glossed over or treated as stereotypes. They had a relationship. They kissed and had sex. It was awesome. Second, S&M was a big theme, which is always good.

However, on the flip side, I think the writer thought she was being edgier than she really was. The main character (the book was written in first person) kept calling herself a "tough broad" (gag)... because she has ear piercings and one tattoo on her lower back...? Wow, what a badass.
And yeah, she took the S&M route, but it was probably the tamest S&M ever.
There's a point in the book where the characters go to an underground S&M club, and the big kinky thing that everyone's watching is.... a schoolgirl fantasy? A schoolgirl fantasy and some spanking aren't exactly hardcore.

So if mentioning S&M turned you off from this book, yeah, you may not like this one, but be aware it's not super kinky or disturbing at all.

Bottom line: really good, fun, light read with a certain amount of edge, but not as much as the author thought she was doing. :)
If you like urban fantasy, read this one. It's good.