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Full Moon Rising - Keri Arthur Just a warning to anyone who may be hoodwinked by the fact that this book and series have been labeled as paranormal romance - you will not find any romance here. At least not by my definition. I would be more likely to call this way oversexed urban fantasy.
The writing is average, the story pretty good, and the characters are interesting if not a little underdeveloped. But the core of the book (and series) is sex. It's kind of like the writer created this really interesting urban fantasy world, filled with creatures and mythology that fans of the genre will love, and then thought hmm... what is a way I could twist this so that it's perfectly okay for the main character to be a raging slut?
So she made an incredibly high sex drive and incredibly low inhibitions part of the nature of the character's race, and boom, now she can have indiscriminate, emotionless sex with anyone she wants to. And she can just walk around naked all the time. It's totally cool.
You get used to it after awhile, and it can be hot (although a little redundant. If you continue to read the series, you'll find that most of the sex scenes seem to have been copied and pasted in. The wording tends to be almost exactly the same from scene to scene.)
The book is entertaining enough, and while I'm not a huge fan of the rampant sex, it wasn't enough to completely turn me off. I'm about halfway through the third book, and still no romance, and the writing keeps getting worse bit by bit, but the overall story keeps getting better and better, so if you're an urban fantasy fan, you will probably really enjoy this series. It's enough to keep me reading. Just wanted to warn people who thought they might be getting a love story... uh, no.