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The Kommandant's Girl - Pam Jenoff This is Pam Jenoff's debut novel, and well... you can tell. The writing is a little amateur (she uses the word 'realize' a lot. Almost to the point that I was distracted by it every time.) And some of the plot turns felt a little fast and underdeveloped.
But overall this is a good novel. It takes place in German occupied-Poland during World War 2. The main character, Emma, is a Jewish girl passing as a Pole in order to avoid being sent to the Jewish ghetto, or worse. Her husband has disappeared in order to work for the resistance, and in order to keep him (and herself) safe, she must pretend she is not married and has no connection to him. While playing the part of a Polish girl, she begins working as the personal assistant of a high ranking Nazi official, and using this new position to find information for the resistance. And then things get a little sticky...
This was a wonderfully simple story. The main character was likeable and realistic. I liked that it touched on a lot of the horrors of the Holocaust without going into too much depressing detail. It stayed focused on the main storyline, which I really liked. It wasn't trying to tell the story of World War 2, it was trying to tell the story of this one girl's experience.
The ending was perfect. It wasn't a precious happily ever after, but it also wasn't so dark and sad that it left you with a pit in your stomach.
This is a quick, simple but lovely read that should leave you feeling satisfied.