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At Long Last - Shawn Lane 3.5 stars

Sigh. I wanted to like this so much, it sounded really good and everyone was giving it 5 stars... I guess I should have known. This story suffered from the same problem that made me not like Car Wash - everything happened too fast, there was no build up, no slow burn, and the sex scenes were uninspired.

The story itself was good. The premise is rather ubiquitous in m/m romance: "straight" guy falls for his best friend's little brother, who has always had a secret crush on him. For some reason, I never get tired of this. It's one of my favorite themes. The way Preston struggled with his feelings was believable, and Scotty handled the whole thing the way he should have. The only real problem storywise was that it happened too fast. Preston gave into his feelings way too easily at the beginning. I would have preferred if this had been drawn out a bit more. It would have made their first time a lot steamier.

Characters were okay. Scotty was a good character; she did a good job of introducing him and making him interesting, but then didn't really take it anywhere. He started to fade into "generic" territory as the story wore on. Jack, Scotty's brother, was really likeable when he was standing up for Scotty. Too bad he wasn't really present anywhere else in the story. Secondary characters are really important to the overall quality of a story in my opinion, and she didn't do nearly enough with Jack. And Preston was okay. A little underdeveloped as well, but most of the time spent with that character had to be about his conflict over being gay, so I was okay with it in that instance.

Bottom line: good story, decent though slightly underdeveloped characters. It just needed to take a little more time to grow in the beginning and some more time to delve into the characters later on. The story basically suffered from its short length. It was somewhere around 90+ pages with HUGE font. It's difficult to write a really satisfying story when restricted in length that much, which is something that frustrates me frequently in this genre.